Graduering af Vinylplader


Cover nævnes først dernæst pladen f.eks. EX, VG  Pladen er her VG og coveret EX dette er meget normalt hvis cover har været beskyttet af plastic omslag. M (Mint = nyt), EX (Excellent), VG (Very Good), G (Good), F (Fair), B (Bad) 

Her kommer et par forskellige "Grading scales" fundet på nettet:

MINT (M) The record is brand new with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The jacket and any extra items are in perfect condition. 
EXCELLENT (EX) The record shows signs of having been played but there is no negligible loss in sound quality. The jacket may have slight wear or creasing. 
VERY GOOD (VG) The record has been played many times but shows no significant deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks. Normal wear and tear on the jacket, without any major defects, is acceptable. 
GOOD (G) The record has been played enough that the sound quality has deteriorated noticeably and may have light pops and skip. The jacket may suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits or discoloration. 
FAIR (F) The record is playable but was not properly cared for and plays with extensive surface noise overriding sound and may skip considerably. The jacket may be torn, stained or defaced. 
BAD (B) The record is unplayable and probably broken and is only of use as a collection filler. 
Grading may be fine tuned by adding + or - 


- Vinyl & Record Grading-

Mint (M)
The item is new and in perfect condition. Appears unplayed. 
No surface marks on the record and the sound quality is perfect.
The cover and inserts are in perfect condition. 

Near Mint (NM)
The item has been used/played but it is in a fine condition.
The sound quality is perfect or very close to perfect.
Perhaps a few very light surface hair-line marks but no surface noise (needle scratch). 
The cover may show signs of having been used but it is still very close to perfect.
Near Mint is the same as Mint minus.

Exellent (EX)
You can see that the item has been used. The record looks fine and the sound quality is perfect or very close to perfect. 
Perhaps a few surface marks.
The cover/booklet etc. may show slight wear.
There may be other deterioration of the cover - or the label; e.g. writing on cover or label. 

Very good+ (VG+)
A FEW light scratches and/or scuffs creating occasional audible background noise. 
No major deterioration in the sound quality.
The cover shows wear. E.g. shelf wear or slightly worn edges, slight brush marks, scuffs, ring wear. 
No seam splits. No tear. If that is so, it should be stated in the advertisement.

Very good (VG)
The item has been played many times. Several marks but no deep. Occasional scratch or/and 'fire in the wood' (crackling).
No major deterioration in the sound quality. Wear and tear on the cover/inserts.

Very good- (VG-)
The item looks worn. Record plays o.k. but sounds scratchy.
Perhaps deep scratches. 
No jump. If that is so, it should be stated in the advertisement. 

Good (G)
The term 'good' is used a great deal internationally by sellers of second-hand records. But 'good' is not so good, inf fact:
The record has been played so much that it has deteriorated the sound quality: scratches, "fire in the wood" and perhaps distortion.
Overplayed, worn out vinyl
The cover has been folded, for example it is dog-eared, has scuff marks, is discoloured, etc. 


Grading Scale:

S - Sealed

M - (mint) No such thing as Mint

NM - (near mint) Opened, but appears almost new and unplayed.

NMminus -(near mint minus) Same as NM, but may have just a couple light scuffs and / or minimal wear.

EXplus - (excellent plus) About the same as NMminus. If something is an EXplus, it will usually be graded as EXplus-NMminus.

EX - (excellent)Can see that it's been played a couple times, but still has strong collector value.

EXminus - (excellent minus) Has a little more noticeable wear than EX. Still retains good collector value.

VGplus - (very good plus) - Has some surface scuffs that do not affect play.

VG - (very good) - Still a decent copy for most people. This grade still represents no skipping or eye sores yet has noticeable wear.

VGminus - (very good minus) Undesireable for more common records, but can pass if collectible.

Gplus - (good plus) Not in the best shape but no scuffs or scratches should make a record skip.

G - (good) - Now you should start asking yourself how bad do you want this record.

Our records have never gone below a "good".